We are HYPER STUDIO, a digital creative studio focused on the design of web and interactive experiences to relate the physical and the virtual.

Our projects explore the relationship between individuals and their technological environment, either by moving the cursor on a screen or the body in a space.

We develop web platforms, interactive installations, dynamic identities, generative visuals, art direction, digital strategies, complex informational architectures and many other things.

HYPER STUDIO was founded in 2016 by Cristóbal Baños —designer and developer— and Diego Iglesias —architect and cultural manager—, but we are not an isolated entity. We are part of a mutant network of creatives and researchers which we nurture of and collaborate with.

They have talked about us in:

S Moda – El País ‘Una ciudad para crear’

ICON – El PaísEl Madrid más creativo sale a la superficie

Brutalist WebsitesHyper Studio

NEO2 Entrevistando artistas: Swatch Cities Madrid

Arquitectura y Diseño ‘Swatch Cities Madrid ya tiene ganadores’

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Our work has been showed in:

Swatch Cities Madrid. Impact HUB. October 2018.

Becoming. Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture
Biennale. May to November 2018.

COCA. First International Conference in Architectural Communication. Sala La Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios. June 2017.

Write us to info@hyperstudio.es!