With a background in architecture and digital media we merge interdisciplinary research and interactive design to build successful platforms and hypermedial strategies for the future.

We are a young creative studio, formed by multidisciplinary designers, based on the internet.

Cristóbal Baños is a designer by the Complutense University of Madrid, with a Master in Adaptive Web Development in CICE. Diego Iglesias is an architect by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and University of Tokyo, with a Master in Cultural Management in Fundación Contemporánea.



hyper tokyo main screenshot
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Type: Web Design + development

Published: June 2016

URL: hypertokyo.net

In today’s information society, data is updated so quickly, so many new sources are discovered with each search and so many bits of information accumulate, that formulas seeking to draw static paths on a cloud of information that is recomposed with each new upload to the internet have just become obsolete.

This research project aims to address these issues from a situationist and hypermedial approach. A virtual space of more than 10 GB of more or less coded information including photographs, images, videos, diagrams, drawings, texts and quotations; establishing complex and mutant relationships between seemingly unrelated data that incorporate different nexuses and approaches to nature, time, tradition, regulations, customs, technology, and public space in the urban daily life of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Tōkyō

A hypertextual strategy that allows to understand how Tōkyō has reached its current situation, constructed by the superposition of temporary layers that are constantly updated. A model in continuous expansion that develops under the uncertainty of natural disasters and that is able to manage the risks it implies. A city that forces its inhabitants to live in constant movement through complex temporal dynamics which rely on a succession of urban interiors, infrastructure for nomadic lifestyles. A singular overloaded image that is able to incorporate all the elements that have built their history and build the most immediate present.

sublime oasis in transit main screenshot
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Type: web design + development

Client: Architectural Association School of Architecture

With: Arantza Ozaeta and Álvaro Martín Fidalgo

Published: July 2016

URL: sublimeoasisintransit.com

SUBLIMEOASISINTRANSIT.COM is an interactive documentary: an interface that provides an in-depth tour through the work produced by Unit 2 during the Summer School 2016 at the Architectural Association, London.

This is an Academic collective construction -“Sublime Oasis In-transit”-, in the way of a complex system of individual events that are infra-structurally assembled, pursuing that hypermedia transgresses the logical boundaries of physical space/time/frame.

This Hyper-Diorama is a visual masterpiece between the fictional and the distilled real fragments of our cabinets; an artificial landscape where fiction and collection collide. Horizon and scale are multiple, manipulating frame and disrupting linear sequence.

By including texts, images and videos, this Hyper-Media tool establishes a systematical and interconnected articulation of those projective and architectural moments developed during the course, together with an encyclopaedic collection of (extraordinary) data that attempt to tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the (selected) world. This is both an operative and accumulative tool, an ideological as well as technical construction.

maca main screenshot
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Type: web design + development in WordPress

Client: Master in Advanced Architectural Communication

Published: September 2016

URL: maca.aq.upm.es

In 2016, a new branch of knowledge was created in the Polytechnic School of Architecture of Madrid, under the name “Architectural Communication”. We were commissioned to design the digital identity of the new Master Program, knowing that it would have a second stage, a PhD Program.

MAca wanted to become a new window from which to look at architecture and the world, but also a place to make visible new ways of understanding architectural practice. The web is the master’s main communication platform, but also a live archive of information gathered around this new field of “architectural communication”, building its meaning.

As if it were the back office of a network, color is inverted: a system of lines and white boxes structure the information over a dark-slate background that is sometimes virtually tresspassed by carved-like images.

raca main screenshot

Type: web development in WordPress

Client: RACA Radio

With: Andrea González

Published: February 2017

URL: raca.aq.upm.es

RACA is an academic and participative open radio project that seeks to explore new aural formats of communication. One of the major challenges of the project is precisely to attract and involve a hyper-saturated and extremely busy students community. RACA’s web is therefore conceived as a platform for interaction between the radio and its users.A live recording button welcomes every user so that anyone can send their audios live to the radio. This is how the web becomes an essential part of the radio, receiving sound footage constantly.

The web will also gather the recorded podcasts and the agenda of future events, a live archive that will become the way of expression for the community.

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Type: Design + development in Wordpress

Client: Claret Castell

Published: April 2017

URL: claretcastell.com/

Official website of Claret Castell Photography Studio.

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Type: Design and development

Client: Cristina Iglesias Studio

Published: May 2017

URL: cristinaiglesias.com/

Official website of Cristina Iglesias Studio.

Cristina Iglesias (1956, San Sebastián) is a Spanish installation artist and sculptor living and working in Torrelodones, Madrid. She works with many materials, including steel, water, glass, bronze, bamboo, straw. On January 20, 2016 she was awarded the Tambor del Oro in San Sebastian. Iglesias was the first Spanish woman invited to exhibit her work at the Folkestone Triennial in 2011. – Source: Wikipedia

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Type: Design + development in Wordpress

Client: Bollería Industrial

With: Bollería Industrial

Published: September 2017

URL: www.bolleriaindustrial.com/

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Type: Design and development

Client: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Published: September 2017

URL: criticall.es/

A website that becomes a book or a book that becomes a website, this double format plays between the virtual and the physical.

Type: Design and development

Client: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

With: Andrea González

Published: Coming soon!

URL: magic-magic.net/


“Magic means things happening. It means things appearing and disappearing. Magic means correlation between possible realities and real reality. It means real not real. Magic means unreasonably reason. It means unmeassurability. Magic means to believe[…]”

Type: Design and development in Wordpress

Client: Concéntrico: Festival Internacional de Arquitectura y Diseño de Logroño

Published: April 2018

URL: www.concentrico.es/

Concéntrico is Logroño’s International Architecture and Design Festival and it is open to all citizens and visitors. It aims to discover and rediscover spaces of interest in the city’s historic downtown. The Festival invites attendees to visit these places through installations that create a connection between interior patios, hidden spaces and plazas that typically go unnoticed in day-to-day life.

We were commissioned to redesign the digital identity of the festival for its fourth edition in 2018. This new website not only gives the festival a new aesthetic, but also provides a relational narrative through these four years of installations, exhibitions, meetings, performances, workshops and activities.

Type: Design and development in Wordpress

Client: Cumulolimbo studio

Published: April 2018

cumulolimbo studio is a Madrid-based office that produces architecture, research and urban actions; all accesible through a cumulonimbus-like three-dimensional interactive online cloud.

Type: Web-app design and development

Client: NAZA.eu

Published: Coming soon

VARIATIONS is a product that does not offer objects defined a priori by the designer, but a catalog of 98 pieces of porcelain that each user can select and combine to create their own object through this web-app.


Type: Design and development

URL: hyperstudio.es/3d-prototype/

3D interactive prototypes of the project “PRE-IDENTITY vs POST-IDENTITY: Architecture for renovating Fukushima” developed by Diego Iglesias as final thesis at the Master in Architecture at the University of Tokyo 東京大学 in 2013 as part of Kengo Kuma studio.

This project was featured in the exhibition Fukushima: Images and Remains of a Future City 未来都市フクシマ展──廃墟と想像力 in Space 222 DUE, May 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

See full project here > www.diego-iggo.com

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Type: Design and development

Client: Medialab-Prado

Published: Coming soon! December 2017

URL: vimeo.com/244684289

Project for the digital façade of Medialab-Prado, selected in the framework of the public call “Juegos Reunidos 2017“, within the program of the Area of Government of Culture and Sports of the City of Madrid.

Type: workshop

Client: IED Madrid

With: students

Published: January 2018

URL: hypermad.net/

HYPERMAD shows the results of a workshop given by HYPER STUDIO at the IED Madrid, from February 12 to 15, 2018.