HYPER STUDIO is a young creative studio, formed by multidisciplinary designers, based on the internet. With a background in architecture and digital media we merge interdisciplinary research and interactive design to build successful platforms and hypermedial strategies for the future.

We work in an augmented and expanded environment, turning the computer into our office, the cafeteria into our meeting room and the city into our stage. The digital era forces us to operate in a global time that does not attend to borders, allowing us not to be anywhere in particular and to be everywhere at the same time.

We assume and absorb the hyperactive condition of the digital, turning each commission into a research project, escaping conventional ways of understanding the disciplines and formats as isolated entities to design new forms of hypermedial relation. This operation unleashes a process of exponential creation since with each assignment we learn new tools that open the possibilities of new projects, expanding our range of services.

Experimentation is fundamental in the practice of the studio. In parallel to the commissions, we develop an independent line of work, what we call the “experiments”, through which we rethink the applications of new techniques and information architectures to therefore apply them to our projects.

We claim the game as a work methodology. Obsession, estrangement, fun and discovery are part of our creative processes and also of its results. We always seek the interaction of the user with information through dynamic systems that respond to the presence of the subject in the medium, either by moving the mouse on a screen or the body in a plaza.

From the beginning, we have been very interested in learning environments as spaces for experimentation and innovation with their own time, facilitating collective thought and production. We have infiltrated into large institutions such as the AA (Architectural Association), the UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid) or the IED (European Institute of Design) through intensive production workshops in which we seek to trigger creative processes and reflections from the sum of the abilities and interests of all the participants through action.

In short, we design communication systems: relationships between information and audiences, regardless of format, that seek to escape the conventional and explore new possibilities at a time when the world is moving so fast that the only viable option is to design for the future.

Cristóbal Baños (cristobal@hyperstudio.es) is an expert in design for new media and digital environments, web developer and professor working between the physical and the digital realms. Linkedin

Diego Iglesias (diego@hyperstudio.es) is an architect, culture manager, communicator, researcher, professor and interdisciplinary designer working between the physical and the digital realms. Linkedin / Web