74 degrees. A digital approach to material culture from the Valencian ceramic collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Castellón.


This artistic research project has been developed within the residency program ‘Cultura Resident’ funded by the Cultural Bureau of the Valencian Community.

June 27, 2019. Installation ’74°C’  at Castellón’s Museum of Fine Arts, Castellón.
September 7, 2019. Group show ‘SOLO SHOW’ at Casa Banchel, Madrid. Curated by Casa Antillón.

The main function of a museum is to acquire, restore, preserve, order and display singular objects following a categorical logic, usually based on time. This generates a relatively complex information cloud made of objects and data like size, color or age, interrelated with each other. An abstract network of materialized knowledge -almost frozen- in the museum space. The logical narratives of digital culture allows us to approach this cloud of relationships in a different way. Based on the Valencian ceramic collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Castellón, this artistic research project investigates new ways of approaching culture and material legacy from the virtual environment.

74 degrees is the temperature that the computer graphics card reaches while it rebuilds in 3D the different parts of physical objects scanned using the photogrammetry technique. Far from the 1000-1300 degrees necessary for the firing of physical ceramic pieces, these new objects acquire an entity in themselves. They are not replicas of the physical world, even though they are built from it. They are new objects with their own materiality and characteristics. In this digitization process, point clouds, vertices with coordinates, colors, meshes and texture maps appear. A kind of ‘anatomy’ of the virtual object that we will return, once again, to the physical world through a multi-media installation made up of synthetic textiles, plastic prints, HD screens and virtual reality glasses.