‘Salto al color’ is the new album of the Spanish music group Amaral. Hours before launching it, they gave a surprise concert in Madrid’s Calle del Codo, with an interactive installation produced by HYPER STUDIO.

Amaral – Sony Music Spain


In the hours before the release of the new album ‘Salto al color’, Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre surprised the pedestrians in the heart of Madrid. For this occasion, they collaborated with the creative studio HYPER STUDIO, creating an interactive installation where the public participated in the transformation of the dark alley into a space full of color.

The nightly concert took place on Calle del Codo, a very central street considered to be the darkest street in Madrid, with an installation that filled the floor with lights and colors. The sensors captured people’s movement in real time and transformed them into colored triangles on the ground.