The ‘Architectural Design Archive’ provides a record of the best architecture projects of the students of the Department of Architectural Design of the School of Architecture, at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Departamento de Proyectos Arquitectónicos de la ETSAM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid



The biggest challenge in developing this comission was the management of an archive in constant growth used by over 4,000 students per year. To speed up this process we developed an online form that allows any student to send their project with the necessary data for its publication (title and description of the project, images with captions, personal web of the author, etc.), managed through afriendly and intuitive back-office able to process this large amount of information that increases every day.

From the administrator area, the person in charge of maintaining the archive can check that the received projects meet the requirements and publish them with the click of a button, optimizing this process to the maximum. These data provided by each student about their project are automatically processed to filter projects either by year, course, teaching unit or scale. In addition, a search engine was created to allow finding projects by keywords or author’s name.

In a similar way, the administrator can create, modify or eliminate different ‘atlas’ curated by themes, which work as an introduction to the website. The curator of each ‘atlas’ selects a series of projects, defines their position and size as well as the background color of the space and the title of the same. This series of ‘atlas’ appear randomly every time a user enters the web.