Augmented Reflections

Augmented reality gallery designed for the exhibition 'Máquina Orgánica' at the Teatros del Canal, with works by Ines Alpha and Johanna Jaskowska.

Augmented reality filters have become a popular and creative field of artistic exploration. The design of digital masks generated in real time and readable from various mobile applications, such as Snapchat,  Instagram or TikTok, has become a very prolific sector in which new talents have emerged.

These artists work in the world of art and culture as well as in the fields of advertising and luxury. For the exhibition Organic Machine we brought together two of these artists in an installation created by Hyper Studio: Ines Alpha and Johanna Jaskowska.

Their creations do not start from a 'blank sheet', but from the faces of the visitors on which they are applied like 3D make-up. The faces of the visitors are transformed, invaded by floral extensions, organic prostheses or living materials? These mirrors are like open doors that question our new identities, transformed by technology.

Prototype, designed using Artificial Intelligence.

Blanca Li, director of the Teatros del Canal, testing the installation.

Installation with augmented reality filters and LED hoops.

Installation with augmented reality filters and LED hoops.


Teatros del Canal

Comunidad de Madrid



Máquina Orgánica, Canal Connect


Ines Alpha

Johanna Jaskowska (Johwska)



Charles Carcopino





Madrid, Spain