Be a Tree Now!

Design and technological production of the transmedia action for climate justice by artist Eugenio Ampudia for Oxfam Intermón.

Be a Tree Now! is a mobilising and open action in which dance, movement, is used to make people think, represent and see themselves as a tree. The choreography was designed in collaboration with the National Dance Company. To facilitate accessibility to this participatory project, we developed a website that integrates real-time video processing, inviting users to interact. In addition, we generated a portable, modular and sustainable physical installation to present the project in museums, congresses and cultural spaces.

Pauline Perraut, dancer from the Compañía Nacional de Danza

"Be a Tree Now! is a collaborative work that addresses climate justice and ecological emergency from a post-anthropocentric approach, appealing to the construction of new narratives of interspecies coexistence, establishing relations of affinity between human and non-human entities. To this end, his strategy consists of re-establishing a new pyramid of non-hierarchical relations starting from trees, with which we share 60% of our DNA, as creators of oxygen and life.

[...] A digital platform accessed via a leaf-green QR code offers visitors the possibility of transforming themselves into a tree. It presents a series of instructions and a button for the participant, who is asked to perform a dance for thirty seconds while listening to music in the background, to record his or her intervention. The application returns to each subject, through a digital file that can be easily and intuitively shared on IG, TikTok and other social networks, their image in the form of a tree. The website, which compiles the files that the users have chosen to share in order to subsequently create a vertical video in which a "forest" of all the participating trees appears, is conceived and designed by HYPER STUDIO".

- Fragment of the curatorial text by Blanca de la Torre

Web seen in mobile device

Árboles 'Be a Tree Now!' creados en Fixing the Future, DHub - Disseny Hub Barcelona

You can visit the website at www.beatreenow.org


Oxfam Intermón, Spark, Funded by the European Union



Fixing the Future, DHub - Disseny Hub Barcelona


An artwork by: Eugenio Ampudia, 2023

Curator: Blanca de la Torre

Video: Júlia Latasa, Eduardo Borrego and Tulio Ferreira

Music: Juan Manuel Artero

Dancer: Pauline Perraut

Choreography: Compañía Nacional de Danza

Communication : Alejandro Dueñas

Technical development: HYPER STUDIO

Web design and development: HYPER STUDIO





Barcelona, Spain