74℃. Digital Approach to Material Culture from the Valencian Ceramic Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Castellón.

April – June 2019

This art project was developed within the artistic research program ‘Cultura Resident’ funded by the Cultural Bureau of the Valencian Community.

27 June 2019. Installation ’74°C’  at Castellón’s Museum of Fine Arts.

The main function of the museum is to acquire, restore, preserve, order and display unique objects following a categorical logic, usually based on time. This generates a relatively complex cloud of information formed by interrelated objects and associated data such as size, color or age. An abstract network of material knowledge –almost frozen– in the space of the museum. The narrative logics of today’s digital culture allows us to approach this cloud of relationships in a different way.

In the digital environment we can subvert the linear logics of the route in the museum space to approach their collection in a freer way, following our own instincts and interests instead of those imposed by museum logic. Following these logics, we propose a research project around new ways of approaching to material culture from the digital environment. From the collection of the Museu de Belles Arts of Castelló, specifically the collection of Valencian ceramics, we propose the creation of an interactive installation to explore the relationship between people and these objects.