Cristina Iglesias Studio

Rebranding, graphic and web design for the studio of contemporary artist Cristina Iglesias.

In the words of the curator João Fernandes, «The body and the landscape meet in Cristina Iglesias' work, constructing new visions as if they were the lines of a text».

A deep understanding of the artist's extensive work was fundamental in devising a strategy capable of conveying Cristina Iglesias's concerns and research into the digital medium. The website begins with a text, a list of concepts that group together various works, tracing a series of lines through her extensive oeuvre. Each of the words in this sentence gives access to a short narration that, through texts, images, videos and drawings, allows the user to enter and approach the work from an intimate and close perspective.

In addition, the section NOW collects images from Instagram and texts from press to tell "live" the day-to-day life of the studio, showing captures of the artist's recently launched account and of curators and personalities with whom she works.

Finally, the Archive -with restricted access- brings together all the artist's work in a meticulous way as a catalogue for researchers, curators and collectors.

You can visit the website at www.cristinaiglesias.com


Cristina Iglesias Studio







Madrid, España