Cristina Iglesias is one of the most important Spanish sculptors of the moment. Her work can be found in museums and public spaces around the world.

Cristina Iglesias



In the words of the curator João Fernandes, “Body and landscape rush ahead in Cristina Iglesias’ work, in new in visions like the lines of a text.”

A deep understanding of the artist’s extensive work was fundamental when it came to thinking about a strategy capable of transmitting the thoughts and investigations of Cristina Iglesias. This website begins with a text, an enumeration of concepts that group several works, ‘drawing’ a series of lines through the work of the artist. Each of the words in this sentence gives access to a small narrative that -through texts, images, videos and drawings- allows the user to enter and approach parts of her practice, from an intimate and close perspective.

The web is built through a series of specific visualizations according to the content that shown at every moment, from short videos to curatorial texts, through work tables or high resolution images with built-in zoom. These allows us to understand Iglesias’ practice from the details of her pieces and the passage of time in an intuitive, dynamic and close way.

In addition, the NOW section collects Instagram images to report “live” the day to day of the study, showing images of the newly released account of the artist or curators and personalities with whom she works.

Finally, the Archive -of restricted access- collects all the artist’s work in a meticulous way as a catalog for researchers, curators and collectors.