FART (Finding Art) is a mobile app designed to be used in the city. Its main purpose is to communicate all the alternative, contemporary, high quality, unknown and groundbreaking art in the city of Madrid.


This project was rewarded with the con el 10×10 Cultural Innovation Award in Pública 19, International Conference on Cultural Management organized by the Fundación Contemporánea and Círculo de Bellas Artes in January 2019.


Developed with web technologies, available to everybody, this digital platform establishes a defined curatorial line in its events and expositions selection, destined to a contemporary public tired of investigating not specialised guides and social networks.

FART wants to spread the works of young artists, creators and organisers hard to reach due their lack of promotion; open the gallery industry to the general viewer, currently limited because of the elitist and unavailable perception we get from it; and generate new ways of interact with public and private urban spaces creating routes through the city curated by experts in different artistic areas: curatos, creators, cultural managers, journalists.

Every user will be able to create a personal account in order to save the exhibitions they have already visited or want to visit, stating which one have they liked the most, allowing them to never loose sight of the artists and organisers they are the most interested in, as well as follow or be followed by other users so that they can find like-minded people to visit exhibitions with or receive some recommendations from.

The app system will gather all the information given by the users and their use of the platform in order to let them know of new events that they might like or the closure of some exhibition they have not attended to yet.

Likewise, organisers will also have an account where they will be able to upload any event they have planned for the future, always having been previously approved by Fart selection committee, which will generate an organic growth of the content.