An immersive digital shortfilm created for MIRA.mov cycle «Exploring Visual Languages», presented at IDEAL Center for Digital Arts in Barcelona.

The world is full of shards of old images. Pieces that escape and belong to the present, being part of another time. Our dematerialized bodies travel through data clouds. Reality itself is post-produced and scripted, an effect reproduced as an after effect. At least in some parts of this trajectory, time runs backward, from a hollowed-out future to an imaginary, paralyzed, and sustained past. Far from being opposites in an irreconcilable abyss, image and world are often simplified versions of each other—doors or windows, “other” spaces through which to travel.

‘Fragmentalism’ is a 360 immersive digital shortfilm created for IDEAL, Center for Digital Arts in Barcelona, using found open source 3D scans of existing places, objects and beings. These meshes are manipulated, transformed and distorted, breaking into points that configure a cloud in constant mutation. The film begins and ends with a single pixel, one point that is somehow destabilised and expands into a whole universe. The artwork explores the idea of digital matter, imagining what happens inside our servers, networks and screens when our human sight does not reach.

‘Fragmentalism’ was created in collaboration with the Mexican music composer and producer ALV Adina, who designed the sound space by deconstructing sounds recorded in real life.


IDEAL Center for Digital Arts MIRA.mov «Exploring Visual Languages»



Ana Drucker MIRA Festival


ALV Adina








Barcelona, Spain