Hyper Tokyo

Hypermedia research project on urban everyday life in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

In the contemporary information society, data is updated so fast, so many new sources are discovered with each search and so many bits of information are accumulated that formulas that seek to draw static lines on a cloud of information that is recomposed with each new upload to the internet have become obsolete.

This research project is constructed from the immediate present, connecting diverse fragments of information and identifying the systems that construct the urban everyday life in Tokyo from a situationist and hypermedial approach. A virtual space that includes photographs, images, videos, diagrams and texts, establishing complex and mutant relationships between apparently unconnected data that trace new relationships between nature, time, tradition, regulations, customs, technology and public space.

The result is a complex cloud of data that can be explored and consulted via a website.

Step 1. Identifying differential elements in 9 contemporary immersive photographs of Tokyo

Step 2. Association of quotations, images, laws, diagrams, studies and other information to the discretised elements.

Step 3. Identification of cross-cutting concepts and themes through the categorisation of the information cloud.

Step 4. Overlaying and design and development of a hypermedia structure capable of displaying this information cloud.

Preview of the website www.hypertokyo.net

HYPER TOKYO was selected by the curatorial team of 'becoming', led by architect Atxu Amann, to form part of the central hall of the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018.

It was also exhibited at COCA: Congreso Internacional en Comunicación Arquitectónica, at La Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios in June 2017.

It was published in VOLUME 3, NO. 2 JUNE 2020 of the scientific journal The Urban Transcripts Journal.

Photo by Imagen Subliminal

Photo by Imagen Subliminal


Polytechnic University of Madrid

University of Tokyo



Atxu Amann


Spanish Pavilion at the Biennale di Architettura di Venezia. May-November 2018.

COCA: International Congress on Architectural Communication. June 2017.

Architectural Association School of Architecture. SS Unit 2. July 2016.