‘Interactive Hypermedias’ was a workshop taught at the Web Lab of the MiAU: Master in Advanced Infographics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

MiAU Master in Advanced Infographics, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Jaime Jimenez Barragan, Leticia Izquierdo GarcĂ­a, Martina Almela Sena, Pedro Arnanz Coll y Pedro Cortes

‘Interactive Hypermedia: Designing communication strategies in digital environments for the future’ was a 6-day workshop taught within the Web Lab of the MiAU Master in Advanced Infographics. From a few simple interfaces developed in p5 and 3js, each student developed an interactive platform related to each of their research topics for the final thesis.

The results of the workshop were presented in a ByOB at the ‘MIAU’s Closing the Night’ event within the ETSAM open house week.