Javier Peña — Ibáñez is a curator, researcher, teacher and consultant of architecture, design and city. Using the abstraction of color we manage to transmit the unique character of each project in a differentiated way.

Javier Peña – Ibañez



The main challenge we faced when designing the digital identity of Javier Peña – Ibañez, an interdisciplinary professional who focuses his activity on the management, curating and dissemination of cultural projects of very diverse formats, scales and locations; was precisely the integration of all these projects so different from each other.

We decided to use the abstraction of color as the protagonist of the digital identity, thus separating us from the images, which can sometimes be confusing. Each project is synthesized into a color, sometimes linked to its own materiality -in the case of installation projects- and some other times, to its identity -in the case of curatorial projects.

This color matrix changes according to parameters that each user chooses, from the maximum color abstraction to the replacement of the same by text or image.

When entering a project, the matrix expands dynamically and locates us in its interior, a world of relationships that allows us to navigate between projects in all directions. This graphic system that builds the identity of the web also defines the way of navigating through it, showing that all projects are part of a whole, coexisting among each other.