Kresta World

Immersive 3D web experience that takes us into the creative universe of the furniture brand Kresta Design by the architecture and design studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil.

Kresta Design was born in 2009 from the collaboration of architects Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil. The studio works on architectural projects, as well as interior and graphic design, looking for a different point of view, fusing curiosity, intuition and craft.

To build 'Kresta World' we decided to start from the studio's iconic collages, turning their two-dimensional images into 3D spaces full of surprises, inhabited by people and colonised by plants, where you can also find some of their objects.

The web experience is completed by a soundscape, created in collaboration with sound artist ALV Adina, who interpreted the different scenes and designed an immersive audio with scene-specific compositions.

In addition, with the intention of bringing the visual universe of Kresta World closer to their audience, we developed an augmented reality filter for Instagram that allows users to place the brand's most iconic furniture pieces in their spaces.

You can visit the website at www.krestadesign.com


Kresta Design, Lucas y Hernández Gil


ALV Adina





Madrid, Spain