LOOP Barcelona is the first fair dedicated exclusively to artists working with video, film and new media associated with digital production. For this new edition, LOOP adapts its hybrid format, through a virtual platform that gives access to the contents of the fair.

LOOP Barcelona



Video work is a branch of contemporary creation that has very particular exhibition conditions. It is a format that requires time from the visitor, time in which to calmly view the enormous number of proposals at the LOOP fair. That is why in 2021, in a post-pandemic context, we decided to develop a virtual platform that would not only allow those visitors who could not travel to Barcelona to access the contents of the fair, but also offer a complementary experience to those who did attend, allowing them to extend their experience from their homes.

Virtual LOOP recreates certain conditions of the physical space such as the perspective, the approach or the reflection to transfer the physical experience of the fair to the digital environment.