MIX is a digital art interactive installation located at Madrid’s Edificio España.

Edificio España, Madrid.

December 19, 2020 – March 18, 2021

Organized by:
Galería Whitelab, Inbest

Participating artists:
Hyper Studio, Ignasi Monreal, Lola Zoido, PichiAvo, Suso33, Taquen

Carlos Boville and Daniel Dominguez

This 625,000 pixel screen acts as a digital mirror, turning the landscape of the Plaza de España into a mutant landscape, altered by the action of the organisms that inhabit it. A camera captures the image of the square in real time and all the moving entities that pass by -people, cars, birds, clouds- generate a glitch that distorts the image. These distortions are impossible to control or predict, they depend on all the physical factors that surround the screen and, therefore, produce a unique and unrepeatable image at every moment.

At the present time, in which data manipulation is an increasingly common practice in the digital environment, this piece draws a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, reflecting on our ability to control digital media.