PRÁCTICA is an international architecture and design studio working on all scales and contexts. Through a clear design, which focuses on the images and uses concise messages, we seek to communicate, in a direct and honest way, the work of this surprisingly young studio, with large scale projects active in several continents.

Studio Práctica



This ambitious project seeks to provide PRÁCTICA with a consistent digital image that will help position the studio internationally.

Each page has a different design and structure according to the content it shows. In some of them, the text predominates, while in others it is the image. Some interactive interfaces have been developed for specific contents, such as a three-dimensional terrestrial globe that shows all the geo-localized projects of the office, or a zoom-in that allows to approach larger-scale drawings in urban projects. The logo was the only pre-existing graphic element. All other elements: fonts, colors, sizes, icons, etc. have been designed specifically for this project.

The result is a web complex in structure while simple in design, where the navigation elements go almost unnoticed and the movement comes naturally, intuitively.