S.A.R.A. (Surface Activity Reader and Analyser) is an interactive installation developed for the Swatch Creative Natives Art Festival in Madrid.



Marlon de Azambuja, Ángela Jiménez y Sergio Cabreira

Swatch Creative Natives Festival. October 2018

S.A.R.A.is a window between the virtual realm of data and the physical realm of bodies, allowing the citizens to interact tangibly with the intangible. It is a technological device that extracts and accumulates data from the environment using different kinds of sensors (height, speed, position and shape) and returns them to the physical world turned into light and color, projected onto the floor. S.A.R.A. is able to read any crowded area, both interior and exterior, activating and turning it into a living and mutant surface. This reactive plane captures the past and present of a particular space-time, transforming it into a collective immersive experience. It acts as a translator between the physical and the digital worlds. A glitch in the matrix.