VARIATIONS is a product designed by NAZA that does not offer objects defined ‘a priori’ by the designer, but a catalog of 98 pieces of porcelain that each user can select and combine to create their own object through an interactive app, contributing to its utility and meaning.

NAZA (Nazareth GutiƩrrez)


Producto Fresco

The production process of Variations combines the contemporary technique of 3D printing, for the generation of models and joints, with the artisan technique of porcelain.

This web app allows each user to configure their own Variation in an intuitive way combining the 98 pieces modeled in 3D and rendered in real time as the user is choosing materials, finishes and joints; being able to rotate and move the model:

1. Choose the pieces to compose your Variation.
2. Choose the position and finish of each piece.
3. Choose the finish of the joints.
4. Choose any accessory.